The Do’s & Do nots of Shared Work Space

For many startups, small businesses and freelancers, shared work space is a reality to be faced on a daily basis. It can be challenging enough having to work in an open plan office environment with colleagues, but when a range of individuals converge to the same place to carry out their own, and at times very different, endeavours, there is bound to be conflict of some kind. In order to minimize these problems, there are some rules and guidelines to

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Have a Startup Office you can be proud of

When looking for the right place for a startup office, several factors and conditions need to be kept in mind. Before embarking on a hunt for the right office space, however, businesses need to have a firm idea of what they will require, in both the short-term and the long-term. Whilst there is no way of knowing where the company might be six months – let alone a couple of years down the line – realistic expectations, without crossing the

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