6 Reasons NOT to Rent a Workspace in London

London has many features that attract businesses and that make it a great place to work from, boasting one of the biggest business hubs in the world, providing great access to clients, working in a prestigious location with world-class facilities and transport options, as well as wealthy and diverse talent pool from which to choose. Although there are various indisputable benefits to running a business in London, here are 6 drawbacks to the capital, and 6 solutions to make sure your

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Pros and Cons of a Virtual Office

The advent and evolution of technology has significantly altered the traditional model of the office space and environment, allowing new and more flexible means of managing a business, and of these alternative business structures and working arrangements, the virtual office is one of the concepts that has been gaining the most traction in recent times. Driven and motivated by better technology and modern management techniques, as well as the need to keep the costs in check, a growing number of

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Why a Serviced Office is Important

In the modern era, where the office has become as much a component of the work team as the individuals who fill its desks, creating and maintain a successful office environment has become imperative. From startups to multinationals, all companies strive to find the right place to house their employees in such a way that the workplace becomes conducive to the progress and smoother running of the business. Because of this, plenty of time and resources are shoveled into finding,

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