Have a Startup Office you can be proud of

When looking for the right place for a startup office, several factors and conditions need to be kept in mind. Before embarking on a hunt for the right office space, however, businesses need to have a firm idea of what they will require, in both the short-term and the long-term. Whilst there is no way of knowing where the company might be six months – let alone a couple of years down the line – realistic expectations, without crossing the border into lack of ambition, need to be considered, considering the optimal environment and facilities that might help the business and its employees thrive and grow.

Before looking at the component of the potential office in detail, matters of practicality need to be dealt with first. Possible the most important aspect to consider, is the issue of space. This is an aspect that touches on a variety of aspects of what to look for in a startup office, as you will read below, but primarily it confronts the practical need of knowing how much space the business requires. This may prove to be a bit tricky for startups, as companies will want to account for future growth, but at the same time leasing more space than is required with eat up into the startup’s resources in monthly rent and general expenses. A careful balance needs to be achieved, without letting compromise get in the way of the company’s ambition.

The lease itself is another major important factor to keep in consideration. This is particularly important when it comes to tenant improvement of the office space in question, should the existing layout not suit your company’s needs. Landlords will be more interested in contributing to these costs if the tenant has agreed to a long-term lease, for example. The lease will also cover additional costs, such as utilities and common area maintenance (CAM) fees, which relate to expenses for maintaining the building.

In essence, when looking out for startup office space, it is important to find the office that is most suited to the specific needs of the business, keeping in mind the potential for growth of the company, the goals of the company and the need to make the office space align with the company’s business strategy.
Once the practical aspects of the process are acknowledged, the specific needs can be built upon, such as the location of the office, the amenities required in the office space, the layout of the available office space and the price.

Chief amongst these concerns is the physical location of the office, as it needs to be both easily accessible for employees and for prospective clients. The location of your business will automatically reflect on the business itself, and finding office space in an appropriate are is important in creating the right impression for the company.

In connection with the above point of finding the office most suited to the specific needs of the company, the layout of the office space is crucial in determining the everyday running of business. Take into consideration whether a more office-focused layout or an open space more suited to collaboration amongst colleagues is the best approach, as this will greatly influence productivity and work rate.

Office facilities and amenities can greatly affect the overall performance and success of the office space, and making the best use of the space available is one of the most important aspects to get right when looking at startup offices. Things such as a conference room, kitchen, bathrooms, outlets, space for technology and parking are all important factors to consider.